Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Accounts

Our Commercial and Industrial (C&I) members purchase large quantities of energy, typically for business and manufacturing operations.

They are often major employers in the community and may have very sensitive equipment that requires reliable power. As such, CVEC works to ensure that their existing service needs are met and that their future requirements are anticipated.

CVEC Rate Analysis

Has your company expanded? Increased your operations? Let us analyze your energy consumption patterns to determine if you qualify for a more appropriate rate.

Power Quality Monitor

If you are experiencing a power quality problem at your service entrance, CVEC can install a power quality monitor to record voltage, current, power, harmonic distortion, and any events that may be outside of the normal limits of power delivery.

Power quality software allows CVEC to generate custom graphs and reports to identify problems such as voltage sags, surges, flicker, outages, and transient events.

Summary Billing

Members who have multiple meters and facilities, and therefore multiple bills, can have them all itemized in one bill. Our Summary Billing option is free and simple. You will have the convenience of receiving only one bill and sending only one check.

Every month, we'll include the balances of all your individual accounts on a single statement - a Summary Bill. Simply pay the total amount indicated on the Summary Bill statement, and enclose only the Summary Bill payment stub, not the individual payment stubs, with your remittance in the return envelope.

To see your summary billing info online, go the Access MyCVEC login page. Enter your account number with three zeros at the end (000) with no hypens. You will then see a summary bill of all of your accounts.

CVEC Rates

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Online Account Portal

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