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As the cost of everyday goods and services continues to increase, CVEC’s postage rates are also rising. The Postal Regulatory Commission recently issued an order to raise postage rates for nonprofits by an average of 7.8 percent beginning in August 2021. As a member-owned, not-for-profit utility, CVEC is facing a significant increase 
in the cost of mailing correspondence to our over 38,000 member accounts. 

To help offset the rising costs, CVEC is searching for better and more efficient practices to help contain our operating costs and save money for our members. CVEC plans to provide more paperless options for members who have the  capability to receive electronic correspondence and we encourage our members to take advantage of those options as more become available. 

How can you help? 

•    Make sure CVEC has a valid email address on file that you monitor regularly.
•    Sign up for paperless billing and receive your monthly bill statement via email each month.
•    Sign up to receive the Current Communicator electronically. We will email you a link to view the Current Communicator from shandongyd.net.  (The Annual Report edition will still be mailed due to bylaw regulations.)
•    Take advantage of one of the many paperless payment options, such as phone, online, recurring credit/debit card payments, or automatic bank draft to reduce your individual postage costs.

Help us reduce our postage costs by taking advantage of the paperless billing and electronic newsletter options. Sign up today by filling out the Paperless form here.

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